Our Trustees

Trustees serving after AGM held December 5th 2017

Sara Muzaffar (Peace of Mind) - elected 2015

Jugal Kimvula (Congolese Support Group) - elected 2015

Merwa Zen (North East Asylum Seekers & Refugees Relief) - elected 2016

Ramatoulie Saidykhan (Creative Minds) - elected 2017

Larry Amadi-Emina (IPC: Investing in People & Culture) - elected 2017

Elham Ahmed (Women Can Do It) - elected 2017

Latifa Shomari (Straighforward) - elected 2017

Trustees serving after AGM held November 25th 2016

Ramatoulie Saidykhan (Straightforward) - elected 2014

Riyaz Marzook (British Sri Lankan Community Newcastle) - elected 2014

Pamela Chikomba Ndhlovu (North East Women in Action) - elected 2015

Sara Muzaffar (Peace of Mind) - elected 2015

Jugal Kimvula (Congolese Support Group) - elected 2015

Karen Kavivi Harrison (African Women's Support Group) - elected 2016

Merwa Zen (North East Refugees & Asylum Seekers Relief) - elected 2016


Trustees serving after AGM held December 10th 2015

Karen Kavivi Harrison (African Women’s Support Network) - Chair
Susan Mansaray  (Purple Rose, Health & Wellbeing)
Panganai Svotwa (The 4Cs – Climate Change Community Champions)
Ibrahim Diallo (Tees Valley & County Durham Mano River Union)
Riyaz Marzook (British Sri Lankan Community Newcastle) 
Ramatoulie Saidykhan (Straightforward) - Treasurer
Nida Muzaffar (Peace of Mind)
Jugal Kimvula (Congolese Support Group)
Pamela Chikomba Ndhlovu (North East Women in Action) - Secretary


Elected September 17th 2013 and November 27th 2014

Elected September 11th 2012

Elected March 29th 2011

Elected February 1st 2010

Elected November 27th 2008

Elected December 4th 2007

Elected October 25th 2006

Elected February 16th 2005

Elected October 2003


Constitution of March 2003 (incorporating changes agreed at the EGM held on March 20th 2012)

See reports from our Trustees in our Annual Reviews

Responsibility for Governance lies with our elected Board of Trustees (also known as our ‘Executive Committee’).

The Board is composed of up to 9 people. They are all members of a Forum member organisation. 7 are elected to serve as Trustees by the membership, and serve for 3 years. 2 further members can be co-opted to serve on the Board. At least 2 Trustees complete their service each year and new Trustees are elected at the AGM.   Trustees work in a voluntary capacity (unpaid) and dedicate their time, skills and commitment to serve the interests of all member organisations and all refugees and asylum seekers in the region. They are not elected to represent the interests of their own RCO or community. The officers (Chair, Treasurer and Secretary) are decided upon by Trustees at their first meeting after the AGM. The Trustees may also appoint independent Advisors, but these Advisors are not full members of the Board.
Trustees meet quarterly, but may also hold additional meetings dedicated to specific issues. From staff reports and feedback from the membership they monitor progress towards our targets and aims, and make recommendations for adjustments or improvement in our work. By considering emerging needs of the membership and changes in the external environment, they overesee strategic planning for the future. They may also represent the Forum at regional and national platforms, and at meetings with our partners and allies.

Serving on the Board is a position of honour with responsibility: AsTrustees of the charity they are responsible for making sure we have appropriate policies and procedures, that our spending is in accordance with our grant conditions and that we keep to the aims which are set out in our

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Our Annual Accounts are independently examined by Read Milburn & Co Ltd, Chartered Accountants, North Shields.

Policies & Procedures
Our Employment and Health & Safety policies and procedures were created with the support of professional consultants.