Role of RCOs

Role of RCOs (refugee-led community organisations)

Each RCO is playing a huge part in supporting the settlement and integration of its community, and in connecting communities through building new and positive relationships. Most were established after 2000, when the Government's Dispersal policy was implemented and new communities were created in the region. They work for communities that have been forced into exile from the continents of South America, South East Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and beyond. Most rely on the hard work and dedication of a few volunteers to deliver a wide range of unique interventions for individuals, based on the priorities they identify in their community, and their own innovative solutions. Many are looking to develop partnerships with other agencies, so that services can be delivered in community based settings. Others are working through local networks to bring the voice of their community to local policy makers and service providers.

RCOs in our region
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Other RCO activity

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