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Project Description


How we develop the collective voice


How we develop the collective voice

How we develop our collective voice

Our members are working together to

  • share and compare evidence about persisting and emerging challenges across their communities to find out what is common and recurring
  • identify the underlying or systemic causes for these shared challenge
  • develop recommendations for what needs to change and what could work better
  • decide on priorities for action
  • use their authentic, collective, advocate voice at key platforms for change 

We pursue a strategy of constructive engagement and collaborative working with organisations from all sectors.

Our Voice


Economic inclusion of refugees

Our members know too many refugees remain unemployed or they become underemployed in low paid insecure jobs that don’t match the skills, qualifications, experiences and ambition they bring with them to the UK.

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Asylum policy and support

Our members advocate for policy and practice that recognises why people need sanctuary, respects the rights of asylum seekers and refugees, provides humane and appropriate support, allows the dignity of work, removes the risk of destitution at move on and provides equivalent support for those recognised as refugees whatever route they arrived into the UK.

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Safer communities

Our members advocate for access to practical and emotional support for victims of hate and other crime that takes into account the reasons why many in their community prefer not to involve the police in their lives. Too many suffer in silence and often live in fear of repeat victimisation.

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Improved Health and Wellbeing

Our members advocate for policy and practice that will enable refugees and asylum seekers to look after their health and wellbeing. The RAS community faces specific challenges including forced inactivity, changed diet, traumatic experiences and constant anxiety. In particular, our members advocate for action to prevent the deterioration of mental health after arrival in the UK.

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Stronger and more resilient families

Our members are concerned about the number of families falling apart after arrival in the region, and the number of children being taken into care. They advocate for timely access to guidance on Parenting in the UK and for safeguarding and family support services to take whole family approaches that recognise the different challenges facing each family member.

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Using our Collective Voice to influence policy and practice


If you have an idea to improve lives in your community, and want to join action for change, then get in touch with us today.