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‘Welcome to the UK’ free video guides to Parenting, the School System, Looking after your health, and Life & Laws in the UK, in 10 languages.


‘Welcome to the UK’ free video guides to Parenting, the School System, Looking after your health, and Life & Laws in the UK, in 10 languages.

See below for links to videos and learning leaflets in  Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, English, Farsi, French, Kurdish Sorani, Pashto, Spanish, Tigrinya and Urdu.

RCOs spend a lot of time trying to help community members who have problems because they were unaware of UK laws, systems, expectations, rights and responsibilities and norms. This lack of knowledge can lead to tragic consequences, such as parents losing their children into care because they didn’t know the UK’s child safeguarding laws. 

When you arrive in a new country you need to adjust – literally overnight – to these differences. But how do you know? Who will help you avoid crossing unseen boundaries? Since 2014 our members have advocated for national and local strategies to ensure newly arriving refugees and asylum seekers have immediate access to orientation information. 

These Welcome to the UK resources try to fill that information gap. Over 50 of our members, from 23 RCOs and 20 countries of origin across Africa, Middle East, South East Asia and Eastern Europe worked together to produce 3 free video guides to life in the UK. They developed content based on what they wish they had known when they first arrived in the UK. They hope early access to orientation guides can prevent these problems arising. 

There are 3 video guides on Parenting and Schools in the UK, on Looking after your health in the UK, and on Laws and Life in the UK. They are translated into 10 of the most used refugee and asylum seeker languages in the region plus a simplified English version for speakers of minority languages. These guides are designed for sharing in a group learning context with a same language and culture peer facilitating a session, but they can be accessed by individuals any time.

And there are leaflets that capture the key messages of each video, again translated into 10 languages.

Click below for videos and leaflets in your language

If you would like to use scripts and slides to make a powerpoint presentation please contact us at info@refugeevoices.org.uk . Here is one example:

The content of each video covers:

We are grateful to the North East Migration Partnership for commissioning us to produce these resources.

We offer online training to staff and volunteers from any agency who thinks they could use these resources as part of their work.

The resources can be used by anyone, but they could be particularly useful for RCOs, partners in the New Arrivals Pathway programme, drop-ins and other refugee and asylum seeker support organisations, local authority refugee resettlement teams, social workers, early help teams and ethnic minority achievement teams, schools, police, and by Home Office asylum support contractors.

The resources include videos, presentation scripts and powerpoint slides, printable learning leaflets and promotional flyers and posters, all in 10 languages.

Ideally the resources are best used in a peer group learning context, led by a same language and culture facilitator. This can encourage discussion of things that are new, different and sometimes difficult to adjust to. Sessions could be followed up by meetings with related agencies to further explore and learn about the information shared.

If you would like to discuss training for your team please contact info@refugeevoices.org.uk.

Our Programmes


We are empowering refugees and asylum seekers to support their communities

Are you a refugee or an asylum seeker living in the North East region with an idea to help your community? We want to help you turn your ideas into action. In the last 3 years we have supported over 100 refugee and asylum seeker community mobilisers, activists and advocates to organise support for their communities, increase their advocacy skills, build community organisations and widen their networks of influence and support.

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We are supporting members to share new, urgent and sometimes difficult messages with their communities

Newly arrived communities need a lot of information to help them adapt quickly to life in the UK with its unfamiliar systems, laws, norms, responsibilities and expectations. Communities are more receptive to messages that are co-produced and delivered by trusted peers.

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We are influencing practice by building the knowledge and skills of front line professionals

We deliver training to front line staff and students that provides insight from lived experiences and builds empathetic understanding about challenges to family resilience, health and wellbeing, and safety. It helps trainees look behind the labels of ‘asylum seeker’ and ‘refugee’ and imagine themselves in their shoes. 

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Welcome to the UK video guides and resources

“We don’t automatically know what your expectations are so please give us the information before something goes wrong”

What you need to know about driving in the UK – licence, insurance, tax, MOT, child seats…..

Different laws and norms around disciplining children

Members meet on Zoom to discuss what they wish they had known

Leaflet captures key messages around laws and life in the UK, in 10 languages

Guidance on what happens at primary school

Why people need guidance to adjust to life in the UK

Guidance on looking after your health

Explaining all the people who help keep a child safe

Its important to recognise signs of stress and know how to manage it

Helping you adjust to sometimes different expectations

How relations between parent impact on the child


There are different pathways to help for your health

Members meet to discuss what they wish they had known



If you have an idea to improve lives in your community, and want to join action for change, then get in touch with us today.



If you have an idea to improve lives in your community, and want to join action for change, then get in touch with us today.