Diversity Inside Us is a Registered Charity Nr 1198004. We were established in April 2020. We aim to help low income communities which can’t afford to pay for their activities.

Summer time is the perfect time for children / adults to participate in fun camps, events and activities. There is nothing better to see than a bunch of children having a great time together.

Children / adults may not want to participate in activities for a number of reasons. We want to make sure that do not feel different or discriminated from others because their living cost can not afford to pay for activities or celebrate Eid, Christmas, International Woman’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s day

Another thing to remember is that a child or adult could be experiencing a difficult time at home. They may feel like they do not matter and their self-esteem may be very low, if we feel that is the case, it is important to encourage them with positive reassurance and remind them that we are there for them. If we still see them discouraged, we try to give them a special role in whatever the activity may be.

Our trained team make sure that everyone is WELCOME no
matter ethnicity, nationality, culture, gender, values and age.

DIU is looking forward to more activities to support our locals.

Volunteer: Are you interested in giving your time and talents to support these in need? Contact us!

Give : Commit to us through regular giving to help meet our regular bills and sustain the important work of the Diversity Inside Us.

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Mobile & WhatsApp 07448328874 or email diversityinsideus@gmail.com


About the Author:

We are an Inspiring, encouraging group that focuses on building harmony in the community. We help to improve Women’s Health and Wellbeing by creating opportunities to socialise and exercise to make sure they understand why they are there and the benefit of being there, and also to clarify their concerns. Based in Stockton on Tees, we help our community learn and navigate the area We also provide help with Albanian, Arabic and Spanish Translation and Interpreting for organisations